Exterior Cleaning Services

Pressure Roof Cleaning

Tile and Colorbond Sheeting pressure cleaned or soft washed using appropriate treatment to remove discolouring and destructive black mould, lichen, algae and contaminates such as Bundaberg’s famous red soil.

Exterior Cleaning Bundaberg

Pressure clean or Soft Wash Exterior of House

Pressure clean or soft wash using appropriate treatment to remove grime and numerous contaminates and allergens that are not only unsightly but harmful to your family’s health, building’s material, or place of business. Windows are hand washed (Excluding windows behind security/fly screens due to access. All screens are rinsed using a streak free cleaner).

Clean House for Sale Package

You need a clean house to sell at top dollar. Professional roof, gutters, eaves, walls, windows, paths and driveway pressure clean combination for best price making your house the stand out. Nobody wants to spend top dollar on soiled items and everything is easier to sell ‘in the best light’. Request  a clean house for sale quote for the most cost-effective clean to improve curb-side appeal.


Entrances, Entertainment Areas, Side Paths & Pool Areas

Pressure clean using appropriate treatment to remove unsightly stains and discolorations. Also removing algae and mould that become a safety issue as these areas become extremely slippery and a hazard for healthy breathing due to the mould spores & surface dust gathered.

Carport, Playgrounds & Structures

Timber/ Concrete/ Steel/ Shade Cloth – Pressure clean or soft wash using appropriate treatment to remove moss, mould, algae, and everyday grime discolouring and destroying surfaces. These sometime forgotten areas are prime substrates for these destructive contaminates.


Driveways, Carparks, Warehouses & All Hard Surface Areas

High Pressure clean using appropriate treatment to remove stains, grime and dust that destroys not only the aesthetics of your property but are also a serious safety hazard and should be part of a regular cleaning routine, not only at home but in all businesses.

Commercial & Retail Business premises

High Pressure clean using appropriate solutions routinely done in nursery’s, complete internal warehouses, carparks and building entrances. We clean to remove built up dirt and keep on top of mould and algae blooms which harm retail reputations as well as creating numerous health hazards such as silica dust and mould spore exposure.

Clean Driveway Bundaberg

Storage units, Machinery & Cold Rooms

High Pressure clean using appropriate solution to remove caked on mud from trucks and machinery. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting all hard surfaces in food storage areas, such as cold rooms.

Pricing is approximated on an average sized home. Larger homes and surrounding areas will incur a small price increase.



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